First American football game – Viking vs Saints

With American cousins who played high school football, it was only a matter of time I went to me first NFL Football game. Having loved cheering on the Irish – what prefect next step to take there than is watching the Viking and the Saints play the first game at the US Bank Stadium? (Incidentally the stadium will host the Super Bowl final next year).

Tail gating is a must, to meet the fans, paint your face and enjoy the build up to the game. Once in the stadium the atmosphere is amazing. The support of the fans is like nothing else you will ever experience. The noise the fans make and the energy in each play, can help the home team and destroy the plays of the opposition.

Of course the food is great, and the US Bank Stadium not only has great leg room for us taller fans but also the ever needed cup holder behind the seat.

Once you go to a game, you will always want to come back, that is why US Football is the the Crown Jewels of all US Sports!

Bringing the luck of the Irish with me, Vikings won their first home game of the season – and I while I cheered their victory – I had to hide my loyalty as a Bears fan – just don’t tell my family back in Chicago.

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