Review: Stardust Diner

Stardust is an American diner experience with lungs! Since 1987, no matter what time of day, be prepared for a queue. It can take about 30 mins before you are seated but it is worth the wait.

It is not the most clean or modern of diners, and the customer service in terms of orders is not great, but it is a dining experience like no other.  All the waiters are aspiring broadway stars, all of them with amazing singing voices and performance skills. They jump from serving you pancakes to singing a classic from Hamilton. The performance including the duets are as good as any broadway performance and therefore there is no surprise many of them go on to star on the big stage.

The food is good, we had pancakes and Mexican omelettes, but don’t expect your coffee refills to come quick and if there is something missing in your order you may need to wait for four amazing songs before it gets sorted. 

Stardust is worth the queuing and poor service, you will not regret the performance and the experience of this unique diner.