Review: Junior’s

When you think of New York Cheesecake you think of Junior’s but I have never taken a meal in one of the all time America family diners running since 1950. Before even you take you seat you know you going to enjoy a unique diner experience. Mychelle greeted us and took our order in a manner you expect from the best family feel diners. Ordering a veggie omelette and one of their iconic French toast with a cornflake crust, every bite was just amazing. Junior’s don’t let you down, great service, great food and a bustling atmosphere. Junior’s is more than just cheesecake.

Note to cheesecake fans:

Despite Junior’s beating Eileen’s Special in 2010 on Food Feuds for the best NYC cheesecake – I still think Eileen’s cheesecake is the best in the world – and they are kosher which is an extra bonus!