Review: Baked by Melissa

I was never a fan of cupcakes, that is until my neice introduced me to Georgetown Cupcakes during my US State Department visit to Washington. So when she told me to try Baked by Melissa in New York, I couldn’t refuse her. The shop wasn’t impressive at all and reminded me of a New York pop up store. The customer service was poor and not even an option to try a free sample despite my English accent. But putting that all to one side, I fell in love with the small, moist and fantastic tasting cupcakes – cookie dough being my favourite. Given the range of favours it is worth buying at least a dozen and do try to share them as a famous potato chip / crisp maker said – once you pop you can’t stop!  

If don’t like cupcakes, Baked by Melissa will change your mind and it will have you coming back for more.