Review: Moma

Moma is a must for art lovers but also for people interesting in finding out about all the fuss about these art museums.

Always start from the top floor and while you will have to queue to take a picture of The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh, spend some time to look at the amazing The Olive Trees.

The fifth floor exhibits some of the most inspiring pieces of work from Pablo Picasso The Reservoir to Claude Monet Water Lilies and The Japanese Footbridge. But from a former A level art student whose oil painting artist mother inspired them from a young age – I have to admit I loved Salvador Dali the Persistence of Memory and Jackson Pollock White Light the most. When leaving the fourth floor don’t forget to check out our own Tracy Emin’s work displayed.

The Mamo is a place which is there to provoke feelings and ideas. You will not like everything you see and you may not understand most of them. But that is not always the point, it is there to open your mind, give you a chance to see the world, ideas and values in a different way and hopefully inspire and open your mind.

Don’t forget to check out the gift shops for some great and unique tourist gifts – worth checking out before you buy any “I love you NY” key chains and the Cafe 2 has a great range of fresh salads.

Moma is a must.