Review: Sarge’s Kosher Diner

For a true New York deli experience you can’t go wrong with Sarge’s Delicatessen & Diner. As you walk in you can’t help to notice the photographs of some of the leading celebrities which have tried their famed “#1 the best pastrami in New York.”  

Over the last 55 years they have served great homemade kosher food, generous American portions all in a relaxing deli atmosphere.  

I had no options but to try their in-house cured corned beef and pastrami sandwich with curly fries and coke. There is not doubt the service is fantastic and the sandwich was good. The slices of beef and pastrami was full of flavour. But I am afraid despite being a good sandwich, the title of the best pastrami in New York and in the world still goes to Katz Deli.  

Sarge is a worth a visit and will be an experience to remember.