Closing of Reubens – the London Jewish Deli

From a young age my late father would always take my family to Bloom’s in Whitechapel for Kosher Salt Beef Sandwiches and Latkas. When they moved to Golders Green we followed them. But after their sudden closure, it would have left many people who loved Kosher Jewish deli food at miss if it wasn’t for Reubens which filled that void.

Reubens Restaurant was established in 1973 and was the only kosher deli/restaurant in London’s West End. Attending frequently by the Chief Rabbi and celebrities, it become the place to eat great kosher deli food.

All their meat was Glatt Kosher supplied by the finest kosher butchers. Their world famous melt in the mouth salt beef was steamed in a special way with a special recipe to produce what was considered to be some of the finest salt beef in the world, almost as good as Katz Deli in New York.

But like Blooms before them, early this year Rueben’s suddenly announced its immediate closure after 46 years, “due to a family bereavement.”

In a post to its Facebook and Instagram accounts they announced “with a heavy heart” that it had “unexpectedly had to close”.

“We are proud that of the 46 years Reubens has served the community, our family have proudly run the business for over 37 years”, the message read.

It thanked people who had eaten there for their custom “and the good memories we have all shared.”

The lose of Reubens is not just a lost for the West End but for the whole of the UK. There is no other kosher deli in the UK that does the traditional salt beef sandwiches and latkas. If anyone can recommend any please tell me, but is saddens me this could be closure which could end an era of this much loved London cuisine.

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