Sarahbeth’s – best breakfast in NYC

Breakfast is always an experience and event in NYC. There so many places to choose. But for my family, no matter how short the stay, we have to at least do breakfast once at Sarabeth’s during our trip.

In 1981 Sarabeth Levine sold her preserves and baked goods from tiny bakery-kitchen store. As her popularity grew, the store began to serve breakfast and lunch, and that gave birth to NYC “hot spot” to have breakfast.

Sarabeth’s has now five locations in the borough of Manhattan, but I would highly recommend Central Park South. It is a great way to start your morning, with a great breakfast and then walking it off by taking a stroll through the amazing Central Park.

Make sure you try any of their “extraordinary eggs and omelettes” and without fail you have to try their “fat and fluffy French toast;” the best French toast you will ever eat and their signature mouth watering Lemon and Ricotta pancakes.

Now you may feel I have told you to over order, and remember NYC portions are big; but remember they have doggy bags and a great way to have a break while walking through Central Park afterwards is to munch on the left over French toast!

You have not experienced NYC if you haven’t experienced Sarabeth’s.

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