Yosemite has always been a dream park to visit for me.  Driving in you are transformed into a land you read about in Lord of Rings, huge trees line your path to welcome you into a land to breathtaking scenery.

Mariposa Grove welcomes you to see the massive sequoia trees.  There is short 10 mins walk or a more adventurous one hour walk, depending on your mood.  You have to leave your car at the arrival and shuttle bus takes you to the walks.  The shuttle leaves every 10 min so don’t worry if you miss the first one!

For me, the best part of Yosemite is the stunning glacier point.  The drive is not pleasant if you are the driver – with constant winding roads and driving on the cliff edge, but amazing for passengers!  

Yosemite is stunning and it you are all patient you will spot wild bears and stags just don’t go anywhere near them it and remember don’t leave any food in your car, the bears will literally pull off the car door to get to the food inside!

Now after visiting Yosemite do try to visit Kings Canyon and definitely drive through sequoiapark and check out the tallest tree in General Sherman!

American’s natural beauty is in its national parks, and once you visit one of them, you want to visit them all!